Anton Shebetko is an Ukrainian artist and photographer based in Amsterdam. He works closely with LGBTQ-related topics, themes of memory, loss of identity, violence and the possible role of photography in it. His extended research deals with forgotten queer history of his native Ukraine, politics of erasure queer people from national memory and their invisibility in the present day. The range of his projects varies from installations and interventions about old cruising spots and underground gay resorts to more current topics such as LGBTQI+ soldiers from the war on the east of Ukraine.


2018-now — Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Bachelor of Arts

Personal exhibitions:
2021 — Ditya Poroka, Noch, Odesa, Ukraine
2019 — It's Not the End of the World, Robert Kananj Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2019 — Rituals, Club Church, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2018 — We were here, IZOLYATSIA Foundation, Izone, Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 — Common People, Robert Kananaj Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2017 — Summer Moved on, Karas Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 — Gospel of Leg, Art Area DK, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Group exhibitions:
2022 — Never Not Fighting, Hyper Hypo, Athens, Greece
2022 — Simeiz, Oceanic Imaginaries, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
2021 — While We Were Waiting, Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2021 — Garden after Gods, JUMP Contemporary Art Center, Poltava, Ukraine
2021 — I don't wanna dance, Brave! Factory Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine
2021 — Sensitivity, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
2020 — #брюдершафт, Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv
2020 — Standartas, Autarkia, Vilnius, Lithuania
2020 — Of Texture and Structure, Fotografia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2020 — Common People, Circulation(s) Festival, Paris, France
2019 — Disobedient bodies, Kmytiv Museum of Art, Kmytiv, Ukraine
2019 — 32 (part of exhibition from MUHI competition finalists), Taras Shevchenko Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 — UPHA IN DA OFFICE, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 — Formation, Brave! Factory Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 — UPHA: Made in Ukraine, AkT, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 — MIM: A Queer Fundraiser for the Benefit of Refugees, WestergasTheater, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2019 — Common People, Careful with That Axe, Eugene, AkT, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 — Deep storage, LOLA BAE, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2018 — Pomada Festival, Warsaw, Poland
2017 — Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 — We are Youth, AkT, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 — Call and Response: Art as Resistance, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver, USA
2017 — Container Love, MS Dockville, Hamburg, Germany
2016 — Photographic Unconscious, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 — I'm Not There, Kyiv History Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

Festivals, awards:
2022 — The Queer Archive Festival, Athens, Greece
2020 — Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Tbilisi, Georgia
2020 — Circulation(s) Festival, Paris, France
2019 — Finalist, MUHI 2019, Ukraine
2019 — Shortlist, Discovery of the Year, Ukrcontempphoto Awards, Ukraine
2017 — Finalist of Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists, organized by Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture
2016 — Finalist of Non Stop Media Festival VII, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2018 — Coming Out of Isolation, organised by IZOLYATSIA Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine