Photo, intervention

“Pleshka” is the name of the meeting places, cruising spots of homosexual men. This name was born during Soviet Union time. Pleshkys existed in almost all major cities of the Soviet Union. There gays had the opportunity to meet, socialize and find a sexual partner. Usually plyeshkys were located in urban parks and gardens, near the public toilets. There homosexual men had to have sex cause they did not have ability to do it in civilized conditions, mostly because of the prosecution and 121 paragraph of criminal law that existed in the Soviet Union. The first data on Kiev "pleshka" dating to the early twentieth century. Vladimir Hill, Hydropark, Khreshchatyk, Shevchenko Park, the Mariinsky park, park near the stadium Dynamo were among the most famous Kyiv’s plyeshkys. Now, with the development of the Internet and mobile dating applications, pleshkys are rather archaic and virtually not popular.

Exposition of the project "Plyeshka" consists of 6 pictures of the most famous Kiev pyleshkas made in the summer of 2017. Next to each image there is a seedling of a fruit tree (cherry, plum, apricot, apple, pear, mulberry), atypical for this park.

The planting of trees is a gesture that refers both to work of Joseph Beuys and to the famous saying that a man in his life must have time to "build a house, raise a son and plant a tree." Fruit trees in places where they are usually not planted is a kind of monument to homosexual men who had to hide and lie to others.

Project was made for Festival of young artists in Mysteckiy Arsenal, Kyiv.