Ukrainian Queer TV: An Open Archive


3-channel video

Ukrainian Queer TV: An Open Archive is a three-channel research video project that looks into the many forms and methods through which homosexuality and queerness are portrayed in Ukrainian media. The first video focuses on depiction in fiction, including plays, movies, music videos, and TV series. From coded queerness in the late Soviet era, through a brief period of emancipation in the 1990s, and mockery and queerbaiting in the 2000s, it proceeds chronologically to a broad and mainly positive representation of the years after the Revolution of Dignity. The second video is based on TV news stories on pride marches (marches for equality), from the first one, which was canceled in 2012 due to threats, to the largest one, which took place in 2022 just before a full-scale Russian invasion and drew roughly 8,000 people. The third video focuses on portrayal in non-fictional media. It's a mash-up of reality TV, talk shows, gossip news, and celebrity profiles that dates back to the early years of Ukrainian television in the mid-1990s; it is also the only one in which material is displayed not in chronological order.

Installation shots from Kauno menininkų namai, Kaunas, Lithuania:

Shown at:
Kauno menininkų namai, Kaunas, Lithuania 
BWA Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland