Common People

According to statistics, the homosexual population of the planet is 5-10% of the total. In homophobic, conservative countries, places where gays are persecuted and where their rights are not protected by law, mostly all of them staying in the “closet”. They constantly lie to themselves and others, fearing that if the truth becomes known, it will harm their career and personal life. On the other hand, the fear of a coming-out affects the fact that many people perceive a homosexual people through the prism of their stereotypes.

Perhaps the situation in Ukraine is not so deplorable as in countries where homosexuality is criminally punishable. But, being in the "gray zone", gays deny the struggle, prides and prefer to "not advertise" and sometimes even using openly homophobic rhetoric. Ukrainian gay community, mostly consists of closeted gays. This people became the protagonists of the project "Common People".

The project consists of several dozen impersonal portraits (manually spoiled or initially taken without faces) of Ukrainian gays who hide their homosexuality from others, i.e. family, colleagues, friends.

The portrait is often perceived as one of the most honest genres of photography. It should reveal the personality and character of a human. The destruction of portrait, hiding of the faces of the heroes is a symbolic act. Heroes can not open to others, so we can not see their faces, learn their personality.

Installation at Mystetskiy Arsenal in Kyiv in 2021: 

Installation at Circulation(s) Festival in Paris in 2020: