The Pride Camouflage Flag


print on a flag cloth

In many nations, true progress toward LGBTQIA+ rights remains elusive, with queer individuals still facing criminalization for their identities. At the same time, in the countries of "west world" that present themselves as safe havens for LGBTQIA+ people, regression is occurring, as highlighted by numerous human rights organizations.

The Pride Camouflage Flag reimagining the Progress Pride Flag, one of the newest iterations of the rainbow flag tradition embraced by the queer community. Ambiguous symbolism of camouflaging of queer identity arises from the fusion of conflicting concepts: while the notion of "camouflage" typically connotes concealment, the flag's vibrant appearance serves as a rallying cry for unity and the imperative to openly assert their rights through visibility and advocacy.

The flag draws inspiration from the presence of queer individuals in the Ukrainian army, who are simultaneously combating Russia's aggression and advocating for equal rights within Ukraine.

Shown at:
Amsterdam Art Week, Amsterdam, Netherlands